Using cx_Freeze#

There are three different ways to use cx_Freeze:

  1. Use the included cxfreeze script.

  2. Create a setup script. This is useful if you need extra options when freezing your program, because you can save them in the script. Run cxfreeze-quickstart to generate a simple setup script.

  3. Work directly with the classes and modules used internally by cx_Freeze. This should be reserved for complicated scripts or extending or embedding.

cx_Freeze normally produces a folder containing an executable file for your program, along with the shared libraries (DLLs or .so files) needed to run it. You can make a simple Windows installer using a setup script with the bdist_msi option, or a Mac disk image with bdist_dmg. For a more advanced Windows installer, use a separate tool like Inno Setup to package the files cx_Freeze collects.

Python modules for your executables are stored in a zip file. Packages are stored in the file system by default but can also be included in the zip file.