You can install the latest version of cx_Freeze using pip:

pip install --upgrade cx_Freeze


The recommended way is to use a virtual environment.


Please note that some operating systems might be equipped with the python3 and pip3 commands instead of python and pip (but they should be equivalent).


Using pipenv, install or update by issuing one of the folowing command:

pipenv install cx_Freeze
pipenv update cx_Freeze


Directly from the conda-forge channel:

conda install -c conda-forge cx_freeze

Python requirements#

Python requirements are installed automatically by pip, pipenv or conda.

setuptools >= 62.6
cx_Logging >= 3.1           (Windows only)
lief >= 0.12.0              (Windows only)
patchelf >= 0.14            (Linux)
C compiler                  (required only if installing from sources)


If you have any trouble with patchelf, check How to install Patchelf.

Download the source code#

You can download and extract the source code found on Github to do a manual installation. Check Development.

Issue tracking#

Bug report and issue tracking on Github issues.